virgin apothecary skin care

All natural, handcrafted skincare/wellness solutions for the beauty minimalist.


VA launch ahead!

Gina Patrick

A visual reminder in my office to DREAM BIG!

The beginning of a dream, the start of my OWN damn thing! Introducing Virgin Apothecary - handcrafted artisanal skincare/wellness solutions that are all natural. Virgin Apothecary is something that has been brewing inside of my spirit for quite sometime. As an avid believer in naturopathy and the medicinal properties of plants, I have always held my faith in mother earth's ability to heal and nourish our skin and well-being. With that being said I decided this year to start my journey into creating my own line of everyday products that are simple, pure, and uncomplicated. With tons of support from my partner and loved ones this dream is slowly manifesting into my reality. Starting this business in the spare room of our small house has not been the easiest ride, but it has been something that is well worth our effort.

For years I have felt very discouraged by the commercial beauty industry. Going into major chain stores and browsing through the aisles very rarely did I feel compelled to spend money on something that was marketed towards me. The literal plastics, parabens, petroleum  and other harsh chemicals that are listed on the label repelled me from wanting to buy it. Not to mention the overly compensated perfume fragrance alone would be a downright overkill to my senses. Looking for natural alternatives or rather just the 'real deal' stuff I started researching plant oils and the many benefits they provide for overall skin health and wellbeing. Also it doesn't take a rocket scientist to DIY by trial and error to come up with formulas that work. In my mind, beauty is simple, beauty is uncomplicated, and you don't need a bunch of ingredients to get great results. 

My line is directed to the minimalist beauty lover. The person who most days just walks out the door with a bare face feeling as fresh and beautiful as ever. I truly believe that plants have the ability to make us glow and radiate without the need for makeup to cover it up. Most of my products have more than one use because isn't it great to be able to reach for a product with a multitude of uses? Beneficial and simple, that is what I am all about. 

I've been working diligently to get all of this together. I am filled with gratitude and overflowing with love from the amount of support I've already received in this journey of mine. Stay tune for the official announcement for the Virgin Apothecary launch in a few weeks!!