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Where have we been? 2017 updates

Gina Patrick

WoW!!! Looking at my last blog post on here, it seems like we are really keeping up with things on this website... (insert sarcastic grin.) We've kept extremely busy this past year, and to be 100% real with you, keeping up with this blog is probably on the bottom of my "to do" list, but I am holding myself accountable and catching up through this year, (4 months late) along with an update on Virgin Apothecary and some exciting news for whats in store for our lives in 2018!! 

2017 was HUGE for us. We had countless successful events and met so many talented makers this past year! We hit record sales at our last two markets, and were blown away by the community support and love that has been shown on this little venture. Every positive review, every kind comment of support, every single purchase and interaction, touches my heart so deeply and I couldn't be more inspired and fulfilled. Looking back at this year I am almost overwhelmed by my feelings of gratitude. My goal in starting Virgin Apothecary was to formulate simple skincare & wellness solutions for my people. I never thought that I would forge friendships and be accepted into this incredibly inspiring community of makers/shakers/movers/doers! It feels so DAMN GOOD to be a part of the maker community here in the Golden Isles. I am so thankful for every acceptance into every market we've applied to and every "neighbor" that I've met along the way! Human connection and support at its finest! That is what this local community is all about and it sure is a powerful and beautiful thing. 

We got married this year! We tied the knot on December 9th, and with that being said a lot of time was dedicated to planning/organizing/designing our wedding and keeping it super budget friendly. Between wedding planning, market prepping, working a full time job, and creating product for my line, I often times felt overwhelmed (that's life right?) but I managed to KICK ASS and have an incredible wedding for under $10,000. With the help of my now husband :D, my outstanding family, the best friends a girl could ever ask for, and the INCREDIBLE team at The Vine we had the most magical day ever! I can truly say that it was one of the most colorful and original weddings I've ever been to and I'm thrilled to say that it was my own. 

We have BIG PLANS for 2018!!! We bought property in Brunswick this past year and are planning on designing and building our home/studio space and cultivating our homestead! I am so incredibly excited to watch my dreams manifest right before my very eyes. For the past 10+ years I've dreamed of one day owning my own land and being able to reap what I sow. I hope to be able to eventually harvest and distill my very own botanicals for Virgin Apothecary. I want to infuse every essence of my passion into my products and that all starts from the very seeds in which I one day will grow. We are forever changing, forever growing, forever dreaming, forever manifesting. With enough effort and the right attitude it will eventually all fall into place. Who knows? Maybe I'll even be able to document it along the way, ;D

Hiatus status!

Gina Patrick

Wow! What a wonderful first holiday season! It's January 7th and I am just now starting to feel back to normal in terms of getting back to work. This month I am trying my hardest to get my finances in order and start my taxes asap! I will be reclusing myself and working hard to restock inventory and prep for an awesome Valentine's Day sale! We will be back in action in feb and look forward to seeing y'all at the market!  



Gina Patrick

Wow!!!! The holidays get the best of us and I have been throughly enjoying my time with my family and friends and have been SUPER SLACK on getting my act together to tap into the holiday sale market. (I totally missed Cyber monday!) and its totally cool though because I am still putting everything on sale until December 10th and offering FREE SHIPPING ON ALL US ORDERS OVER $60.00! Stock is SUPER LIMITED because VA is still a one woman show and I'm trying my hardest to ride the momentum! But for all you online folks the offer is here! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and isn't freaking out about Christmas like I am!! :) <3

Momentum, power, positivity!

Gina Patrick

YES! Really feeling revved up and still walking on cloud 9 after an incredible market yesterday! It's amazing how feeling the support from your local community can give you such an indescribable buzz. Almost sold out of a lot of stuff and really need to get my butt in gear for holiday markets that are quickly approaching. It isn't even halloween but as a maker by this time Christmas is already in mind, and your house is filled with the aroma of peppermint, vanilla, coffee and whatever else is "holiday". I LOVE IT. Currently my office is bursting with freshness and I couldn't be happier to see my soap shelves filled with stuff curing. The next show that I'm vending at will be MOXIE Craft Fest in downtown Brunswick at Old City Hall from 10-5pm! I am so excited to be apart of this amazing show and I can't wait to meet all of the local artists who will be participating this year! 

Moxie Logo FINAL-01.png


Gina Patrick

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY! It is my pleasure to announce that my little tiny web shop is FINALLY LIVE!! I want to thank you all for your continued patience while I figure this whole web design thing out! My online store is live and ready to rumble! As a further thank you all products listed are ON SALE for you all so take advantage of it this weekend sale and stock up on some VA goods!!

Launch is a GO!

Gina Patrick

My heart is overflowing with happiness and joy from all the love and support I just received this morning at my launch party for Virgin Apothecary. It FINALLY feels like all this hard work, time, and money is paying off. There are times I am certain every new business owner says to themselves, "why am I doing this again?" and then there are the times that prove to yourself why you are taking this leap of faith and diving straight into the deep end. JUST DO IT! What do you have to loose? Money? Time? You'll loose those eventually anyway so why don't you just go for it? You never know if you don't try. These are constant thoughts I've had running through my brain the past few months. 

YES IT IS TOTALLY WORHT IT. And today proved that to me. 

My launch party was beyond incredible! I couldn't of imagined it going any better. SO thankful for everyone that came out and supported me. It means so so much! Ya'll don't even know. Most of all thank you to my mother and sister who spent hours of their time to help me get this party together and helping me host such a wonderful event I could NOT have done it without you! 

With all of this going on I am STILL trying to get my website up. For the people who know me, know that Virgin Apothecary is mostly a one woman production with serious help from coerced family members (positively speaking). With that being said I want to just explain why my web site store is being disabled at the moment. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FLIP I'M DOING.... This is my first website I've built in my life so this weekend I am getting some serious time in with this computer and learning the ropes of e-commerce. Also did I mention I work 5-6 shifts a week as a server on top of producing and formulating and designing all of my products? Yeah that too...... Time is tight y'all and I just wanted to say that I am doing the best I can to get my website up and running 100% but just please stick with me because I am kind of a perfectionist and I just want it to be perfect for you all! 

Anyway thank you all for the constant support in helping me actualize my dream! It is all coming together and I couldn't be more proud of myself! So much love...

August 20TH

Gina Patrick

With much excitement I want to announce the official date of Virgin Apothecary! August 20th my family and I will be hosting a small event celebrating the start of something great! Working up to the big event I will be posting updates each day releasing a new product everyday with a big giveaway at the end of the week! Stay tuned and follow Virgin Apothecary on instagram and facebook to learn more about the giveaway! 

I want to extend deep gratitude to all that has helped me reach these personal goals in starting my own business. To my family, partner, and friends thank you so incredibly much for your unwavering support and love! Without y'all my dream would never be what it has become today! <3<3<3

VA launch ahead!

Gina Patrick

A visual reminder in my office to DREAM BIG!

The beginning of a dream, the start of my OWN damn thing! Introducing Virgin Apothecary - handcrafted artisanal skincare/wellness solutions that are all natural. Virgin Apothecary is something that has been brewing inside of my spirit for quite sometime. As an avid believer in naturopathy and the medicinal properties of plants, I have always held my faith in mother earth's ability to heal and nourish our skin and well-being. With that being said I decided this year to start my journey into creating my own line of everyday products that are simple, pure, and uncomplicated. With tons of support from my partner and loved ones this dream is slowly manifesting into my reality. Starting this business in the spare room of our small house has not been the easiest ride, but it has been something that is well worth our effort.

For years I have felt very discouraged by the commercial beauty industry. Going into major chain stores and browsing through the aisles very rarely did I feel compelled to spend money on something that was marketed towards me. The literal plastics, parabens, petroleum  and other harsh chemicals that are listed on the label repelled me from wanting to buy it. Not to mention the overly compensated perfume fragrance alone would be a downright overkill to my senses. Looking for natural alternatives or rather just the 'real deal' stuff I started researching plant oils and the many benefits they provide for overall skin health and wellbeing. Also it doesn't take a rocket scientist to DIY by trial and error to come up with formulas that work. In my mind, beauty is simple, beauty is uncomplicated, and you don't need a bunch of ingredients to get great results. 

My line is directed to the minimalist beauty lover. The person who most days just walks out the door with a bare face feeling as fresh and beautiful as ever. I truly believe that plants have the ability to make us glow and radiate without the need for makeup to cover it up. Most of my products have more than one use because isn't it great to be able to reach for a product with a multitude of uses? Beneficial and simple, that is what I am all about. 

I've been working diligently to get all of this together. I am filled with gratitude and overflowing with love from the amount of support I've already received in this journey of mine. Stay tune for the official announcement for the Virgin Apothecary launch in a few weeks!!